Facades to order

What do we see first, getting to the kitchen? The face of the lockers called «facades». They form the style, the shade combination, the visual correspondence to our expectations. In the category of facades are included the doors of the lockers, which can be swung open, move apart, recline forward, and the front panels of the drawers forward.

The most common forms of furniture facades

The finely dispersed fraction of wood chips is perfectly pressed into the slabs. The material is well processed, allows you to create sheeted parts and figured endings. The final appearance of the product is acquired after laminating with a film or finishing with enamel, consisting of a combination of paint and varnish. As a result, the surfaces become glossy or remain opaque. The film used accurately imitates any natural materials. MDF.

Classification of facades

Veneered MDF is very similar to wooden kitchens.

Budget variant of kitchens, which do not deteriorate from mechanical influences, but can not be fully used in the thermal environment. Customers are offered custom-made facades with lamination or plastic finishing. Figurative delights in the configuration of the kitchens are not provided, so individual elements and the entire set have strictly right angles.

Facades made of natural wood
This is the chic about which many dream. The facades look very presentable to order, they create a special charm in the kitchen space, they attract their naturalness. They need careful operation and delicate care.

The heat-resistant material is combined with metal elements, glass inserts. With the timely application of protective coatings will serve for a long time.

Frame facades
They represent the contour frames into which the «filler» is inserted from another material: glass, thin wood, plastic, etc. It is not only a tribute to fashion, but practical as the profile made of aluminum does not deteriorate from moisture, jumps Temperatures, it is well cleaned by chemical means. Particleboard in the form of a frame is better not to take to avoid a slightly wavy surface, inherent in the material. Glass and plastic will have to be wiped more often than a wooden «middle». Wooden frames from MDF are connected at an angle or by fixing a spike-groove. A special place in the design execution is occupied by curved facades.

Glass facades to order, made by the method of inserting glass into a metal frame. Another type — glazed facades: a solid frame of natural wood with the installation of a fillet of a homogeneous or colored glass.
The company is ready to produce facades that will emphasize the uniqueness of your kitchen. Our chip — to put the client’s wishes into beautiful furniture, which he will gladly use. Allow yourself any design delights, and we’ll figure out how to translate it!

Manufacturing of facades to order: wooden, chipboard, frame, MDF film and MDF paint, in an aluminum profile. Any configuration, color, shape.

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